Step 6: Use the findings

The findings of the assessment can be used to build up organisational knowledge and to learn lessons for the future, to steer the organisation’s activities towards effects, or to legitimise its activities towards donors, intermediaries and the target groups.

How it is done
Activities  If the findings of the impact assessment are to be used properly, then the necessary conditions need to be created and appropriate forms of communication found. These should be adapted to those receiving the information.
Questions Answering to the following questions can form the sixth step in an impact assessment:
  • Who is to use the findings and to what end? 
  • What can be done to encourage use of the findings?
  • Which forms of communication have proved their worth?


The use of findings has to be planned systematically from the beginning. Learning events, for example workshops with stakeholders, must be organised at an early stage. It should also be considered in advance in what form the findings should be disseminated more widely - for example by summarising the findings as lessons learnt.